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The ADF Vermaas is a large Container ship in Ship Simulator 2008. The ship is named after a Dutch developer at VSTEP, and has been available in the game since it's launch.


The ship has an overall length of 340m, and a draft of 18m. The vessel is used to carry 20 and 40 foot containers between larger ports such as Rotterdam, Hamburg, New York and San Francisco.

Vermaas has a top speed of 25 knots.You can also walk around the bridge, stairwells and main deck, as well as the stern and bow. She has one engine, typical of real ships of this size and type. She has 1 bow thruster.

ADF Edit

ADF, the company which own the Vermaas, is one of the two virtual companies in the game, the other being virtual cruises, a cruise ship company which own the Ocean Star, it is unknown if these companies will have more ships in the future.


In Early shots for SS2008, the ship could clearly be seen with the name "INDUS". This was later changed to Vermaas, but you can still see the name Indus on the low detailed model for the Vermaas, the so called 'lower LOD' for viewing at a distance.

Despite claims that it is impossible, you can actually walk to the bow of Vermaas. It requires holding down the Shift key to run faster, and is a tight squeeze past the mooring bollards, but is possible (See Picture).

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Vermaas Bow