The Solent

A map of the solent, in-game.

object type:
Name The Solent
Location UK
Offered: Ship Simulator 2008
Add-on environment? No.

The Solent is Location available to play in SS08. It is classified as a harbour Location, meaning that the the waves have a limited value of 0.2m

In Game Areas in The SolentEdit

There are several main areas that are in The Solent. There is Southampton, which is very detailed area, and features a berth for the Red Eagle and a berth for Red Jet 4, There also features lots of container Ships berths, with lots of cranes, adding to the realism. The River Itchen is also seen, along with the new Marina. Further on there is the Hythe Pier, which has an area suitable for mooring. Further Down River, there is the Fawley Oil Terminal, which is seen with area to moor. Nearly opposite is the River Hamble. Crossing over to the Isle of Wight, missing Bramble Bank, we arrive at Cowes.

Passing through the Harbour Arm, Cowes is seen to be based on either side of the River Medina. On the right hand side, when entering, is the Red Funnel Red Jet 4 berth. Further on, on the left side, you pass the building with the Union Jack on the doors. this was the British Hovercraft Corporation (BHC) shipyard, where hovercraft such as the Large SR.N4's Were built. Nearby is the Red Eagle Berth, meaning you can actually complete Red Funnels Routes.

Leaving Cowes, and traveling further up the coast of the Isle of Wight, you pass Fishbourne, however, the Wightlink ferry terminal has not been modeled, so Fishbourne just exists as a small river. Further up, passing Ryde Roads, you arrive at Ryde itself.Ryde pier is here, and can be used to moor the Red Jet 4, as an alternative to Cowes, although in Real Life this is the Wightlink Service from Portsmouth. At the end of Ryde Pier is the HoverTravel Ryde Hoverpad. This includes a realistic model of the Ryde terminal, and is one area where the Hovercraft can land.

Crossing the Solent once again, we pass the famous Solent Forts, which are based in the Solent.We arrive at Southsea, which is where the second Hoverpad is, as used by Hovertravel, this means that The Solent is capable of hosting three realistic Ferry Routes. However, the Southsea Terminal and nearby Fun fair are not modeled. After Southsea, we arrive at Portsmouth.

See the SightsEdit

There are numerous Famous Items to see in the Solent

  • River Itchen bridge
  • Hythe Pier
  • Netley Great Dome
  • Fawley Power Station
  • Calshot Spit, including Calshot Castle and Coastguard Station
  • The former BHC Workshop
  • Ryde Pier
  • Spit Sand Fort
  • Horse Sand Fort
  • Spinnaker Tower