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The Workboat with its controllable bridge in view, on Walkabout mode

Small-Surface Vessel
ship type:
Full name: NH23
Port of Registery: Unknown.
Operating Company: Vstep
Vessel class: Active
Appearances: Patch 1.8

The Small-Surface Vessel, also known as a Workboat, is a vessel in Ship Simulator 2006.


The Small-Surface Vessel is the only ship in Ship Simulator 2006 which has working bridge controls and also the Walkabout mode, apart from the ships in the add-on. Its main purpose is for minor service in industrial ports. The Workboat is relatively fast yet not very manoverable because it is single screwed. It has the name, NH23. (NH coincidentially standing for New Horizons, the Ship Simulator 2008 add-on)


Due to the little commotion when the patch 1.8 was actually released, very few even know that this vessel exists, and those who do largly have no idea of what type of vessel it is due to the lack of information on the Patch description. No missions come with the boat, so you can make a mission yourself by selecting "add-on" from the bottom of the objects menu in the Scenario Editor. The New York environment also came with the patch.