This page is dedicated to informing players about certain rules which exist on this wiki.

ALL Wikia and Wikipedia rules applyEdit

Though this page does not include these, all wikia and wikipedia rules apply. You can find out more at the Wikia Help Centre.

ALL Ship Simulator and Vstep rules applyEdit

This includes all the Copyright and pictures. Taking pictures from INSIDE your own game and using them on the wiki is allowed. Taking pictures from the site or from trailers is NOT.

Wikia rulesEdit

These rules are the Wiki's own, and do not concern any other wikia.

  • Do not advertise - Advertising your own shipping lines, virtual companies, forums or anything that does not concern Ship Simulator itself is a very serious offence. A ban up to 31 days can be placed, and the page will be removed. THE ONLY PLACE WHERE YOU MAY ADVERTISE YOUR OWN COMPANIES IS ON YOUR TALK PAGE. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are other wiki's to be announced