The official ship simulator forum, [], is available in several languages; English, Dutch, German and French. It holds many child forums, among which; general discussions, technical support and small talk sections for members. You can discuss all versions of Ship Simulators there.

Profile Edit

Like many forums, the ship simulator forum offers you the ability to make a personal profile. To these, you can add a signature and avatar to display on your posts.

Uploads and downloads Edit

In their profiles, members can register their game license keys so they can download new updates for those games and also for Ship Simulator 2008 and 2006, a money meter or a rank meter will be placed on your posts so others can see how you are doing on missions and gaining ranks or money. You will also need to connect to the internet from you game to activate this feature and get it to work.

Moderation Edit

The forum is made up of two administrators and many moderators. The latter category is divided into Language specific Moderators, and Global Moderators, who moderator two or more language boards.