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Ship Simulator New Horizons is the official Add-On for Ship Simulator 2008 and contains 8 new vessels (two can also be found in The Shipyard and another two can be downloaded from a patch. Six of the ships in the add-on are included in the Ship Simulator 2006 add-on. However, New Horizons contains many new feature such as Multiplayer and many other things which could be previously downloaded, not counting the new environment.

Ships included Edit

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Environments included Edit

Other features Edit

The New Horizons add-on includes multiplayer, which was available on the Version 1.3 patch. Vstep also announced that the pushboat, Herkules Atlas had a very detailed engine room. The add-on also included 20 new missions featuring the new ships and environment.

Trivia Edit

New Horizons was released March 25 2008, however, on that day the New Horizons released were only available with Version 1.3 English language of the game. On March 26, an updated version was launched for all versions. The name was officially Ship Simulator New Horizon, but was changed on February 13 2008 to the plural version.