The Ship Simulator 2008 Collectors Edition (CE) contains both Ship Simulator 2008 and its official add-on, Ship Simulator 2008 New Horizons. It was offered in English and Dutch versions with a Captain's Journal (Printed on the English version, on DVD in the Dutch version) in both and a "Making of Ship Simulator" video.

Release Edit

The Ship Simulator CE Dutch Version was released on October 6th 2008, with the English version being released four days later, on October the 10th. The Dutch edition was released with an ability to tow the SS Rotterdam in Free roaming and in two missions.

Additional features Edit

As mentioned above, both Collectors edition's came with a Captain Journal. On the Dutch version, this Journal is in DVD format, and on the English version, it is printed.

Both versions come with a "making of Ship Simulator video".