Ship Simulator
Ship Simulator 2006
Ship Simulator 2006
Preceeded by: None
Suceeded by: Ship Simulator 2008
Release date: August 15, 2005
Company: Vstep
Publishers: Lighthouse Interactive
Distributors: Lighthouse Interactive
Game Engine: Quest 3D
Genre: Vehicle Simulation
Icon: SS06logo.png
Usflag.png USD: $12.99
Gbflag.png GBP: £8.23
Euflag.png EUR: €9.99
No. of ships: 9
No. of Environments: 3
Modes: Mission
System Requirements
Operating System: Windows Xp
Processor: Pentium IV 2GHz or AMD Athlon
Memory: 300mb Hard disk space, 512mb RAM
Graphics Card: 64 MB 3D accelerated video card with support for Vertex and Pixel shader 1.1. (nVidia GeForce4+ or ATI)
Audio Devices: A Sound Card
Imput controller: Mouse with scroll wheel and Keyboard

Ship Simulator 2006, (often referred to as SS06 or Ship Simulator) was the debut game of the Ship Simulator series and franchise. It was released in August, 2005, and was succeeded by Ship Simulator 2008 in 2007.


Ship Simulator 2006 was released in different parts of the world on different dates, ranging around August 2005. The RMS Titanic was the game's primary selling point. The first edition of the game contained 9 ships and 3 ports to sail in - these being Hamburg, Phi Phi Islands and the Port of Rotterdam. New York harbour was added later in a patch release. These environments, which also appear in Ship Simulator 2008, remain largely unchanged. The current maximum amount of vessels one can have on their game is 16, and the maximum number of environments is 4.


The Harbour Patrol boat in New York

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The basic Ship Simulator 2006 comes with seven playable vessels.

The following are all the available ships for Ship Simulator 2006:

Ship Name picture game remark
Harbour Patrol P6 Ship Simulator 2006 Named P6 in Ship Simulator 2008. Changes to Coast Guard boat in New York
Yacht Royal Yacht Ship Simulator 2006 One of the most famous ships of all time.
Inland Cargo ship Wachthaven III Ship Simulator 2006 Named "Wachthaven III" in Ship Simulator 2008
Inland Container ship - Ship Simulator 2006 Used as AI ship in Ship Simulator 2008
Cargo ship Selsey II Ship Simulator 2006 Named "Selsey II" in Ship Simulator 2008
Ocean liner RMS Titanic Ship Simulator 2006 Main selling point
Motorboat Powerboat Ship Simulator 2006 Appeared with diferent skin in Ship Simulator 2008
Water Taxi VSTP 7 Ship Simulator 2006 Named after Vstep
Harbour Tugboat - Ship Simulator 2006 Appeared with slight changes in Ship Simulator

The Luxury yacht is a current subject of debate. The ship itself was unique, manoverable and enjoyable, which has lead to many players wanting it for the upcoming Ship Simulator Extremes. Vstep have shown no signs of doing so, however.


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Ship Simulator 2006 come with three installed environments/ports to sail ships in. These are:

These were the only usable ports in Ship Simulator 2006, apart from the later arrival, New York Harbour.

Patch releases[]

Following shortly after release, Vstep released a batch of bug-fixing and content adding patches which updated the players version of the game. They are all free for downloading, but may only work with certain conditions.

Vstep stopped support and updates for Ship Simulator 2006 shortly after the release of Ship Simulator 2008.

Ship Simulator 2006 NL Mission pack[]

Main article: Ship Simulator 2006 NL mission patch

The Mission pack fixes the dissapearing mission problem encountered in the Dutch boxed version of Ship Simulator 2006. Consequently, it requires a Dutch boxed version of the game to have any effect.

Ship Simulator Add-on Mission pack[]

Main article: Ship Simulator Add-onShip Simulator Add-on mission pack

The Add-on mission pack is a 2MB file which installs 10 new missions on a valid copy of Ship Simulator 2006 with its add-on.

Ship Simulator language patch[]

Main article: Ship Simulator Language patch

The Language pack includes the following languages:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

You can change the language of your game at will to the above. The file size is 37MB

Ship Simulator 2006 1.8 Patch[]

Main article: Ship Simulator 2006 V1.8

This patch contains a vessel with working bridge controls with Walkabout mode (namely the Small-Surface Vessel) - and also adds the New York harbour environment. The patch contains all languages featured in the language patch and also improves loading time for the game. The size is 337MB.


Main Article: SS06 Missions


To play the game, a player must start a mission, or create a "blank mission" from the Scenario Editor. The mission does not have to be completed in order to freely roam the environment. Free Roaming was not introduced until the add-on.


Main article: Ship Simulator 2006 add-on

The only available add-on for the game is its official add-on, created by Vstep, which includes new missions, six new playable ships with Walkabout mode, and a new Titanic with walkabout mode. Better sounds were added, and Free roaming was brought to the game, which enabled free sailing of a ship in an environment, without the bother of missions.

The six ships added were:

  • Portoferrario Angel
  • Marbella Delight
  • Ocean Star
  • Igor K.
  • Agile Solution
  • Northern Star