Selsey II
Selsy 2
ship type:
Cargo Vessel
Full name: MS Selsey II
Rank Meter: Cargo
Type: Cargo
Port of Registery: Rotterdam
Operating Company: VStep
Draft: 8m
Top Speed: 15 Knots
Length: 120m
Width: 46m
Appearances: The Shipyard

The Selsey II is a semi-large Cargo Vessel with no Walkabout mode. It is offered free at the Shipyard as a Christmas Present from Vstep. The Vessel is a 2008 version of the 2006 Small Cargo Ship, although it was not given a name in the 2006 Ship Simulator Version.


The Selsey II is a fictional vessel based on that of many small cargo vessels usually operating in small voyages. It can be downloaded at the Shipyard for free. It is the second free vessel offered on The Shipyard. The top speed is 15 Knots.