Selsey I
Selsey I
ship type:
Small Sailing Yacht
Full name: Selsey I
Rank Meter: Tug
Type: Tug
Port of Registery: Unknown, either The Solent or Padstow, Cornwall
Operating Company: Vstep
Vessel class: Player
Draft: 1.90m
Top Speed: 8 knots
Length: 23m
Width: 6m
Appearances: The Shipyard

Selsey I (or Selsey one) is a small sailing yacht which operates in small lakes and inland ports. Judging by the name, this vessels port of registery is either The Solent or Padstow, Cornwall. Another interesting fact is that another Shipyard free vessel, the Selsey II, has a similar name but a different purpose. The Selsey I was given out as a super pack in The Shipyard by the Creators Forum.


Selsey in cornwall

Selsey I in Cornwall

The Selsey I's Super pack at the shipyard says the vessel has sailing capabilities due to the fact that it is a sailing boat. Also, many different Selsey I's are visible in many ports such as The Solent. The vessel has a top speed of 8 knots, but can reach up to 10 knots in good conditions. Selsey I has no walkabout mode.


  • Strangly, the Rank affected by the Selsey I is tugging. This may be due to the fact that Selsey I is usually supposed to be tugged in missions.
  • Selsey I can sometimes come up as wierd messages in an English version of Ship Simulator 2008, such as Error:Not found language_ID:2257. The last number can vary from 2257 to 2259 etc.
  • Selsey I has no walkabout mode even though it has a lower deck.