Ship Simulator
Red Jet 4
Red jet 4.png
ship type:
Full name: MS Red Jet 4
Rank Meter: Passenger.png
Type: Passenger
Port of Registery: The Solent
Operating Company: Red Funnel
Draft: 1.30m
Top Speed: 41 Knots
Length: 39.80m
Width: 10.80m
Appearances: Ship Simulator 2008, 2010

Red Jet 4 is a playable vessel in Ship Simulator 2008.

First Appearance[]

Red Jet 4 was first introduced in Ship Simulator 2008.

Red Jet 4 has a top speed of 45 knots. You can walkabout the bridge and passenger compartment, as well as the exterior decks. She is propelled by two Water Jets, one located in either hull.

Red Jet 4 in Real Life[]

Red Jet 4 Seen in Real Life in Southampton

Red jet 4 is a High Speed craft in the Red Funnel fleet. Built in 2004, she is the largest of the Red Funnels Red Jet High-Speed Craft. She is 40m long and 10m Wide.She has the capacity for 275 Passengers.


In early 2010, Red Jet 4 was succeeded by the latest vessel in the Red Jet series - Red Jet 5.

Red Jet 5