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Pride of Rotterdam
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Pride of Rotterdam, moored in the Beneluxhaven, Rotterdam

object type:
Name Pride of Rotterdam
Rank meter: Passenger
Type Large ferry
Offered: Ship Simulator 2008, Ship Simulator Extremes
Add-on vessel? No

The Pride of Rotterdam is a large cruiseferry operated by P&O North Sea Ferries. Building started in 2000 in Venice, and was completed in 2001.She entered service in April of that year and her sister, Pride of Hull, joined her on the Rotterdam-Hull route in December 2001. The ship held the title of worlds largest ferry (By Size) from 2001 until 2004.

First appearanceEdit

Pride of Rotterdam was one of the original vessels released in V1.0. Early screenshots indicated that the ship in the game would actually be the Pride of Hull, but this was changed for an unknown reason. The ship has slowly been edited over the patches, with bridge window tints, panels and instruments being added in V1.3.

Pride of Rotterdam has a Service speed of 22 knots. The Sundeck, Bridge and helipad, as well as exterior decks 10, 9, 8 and 7 are walkable. She has four engines in reality, however only 2 of these are operational in the game (each controlling their own individual propeller).The ship has a bow thruster for manouvering in tight spaces, e.g the Beneluxhaven where her terminal is located (The terminal is actually modeled in game).

The POR in Real LifeEdit

Pride of Rotterdam 2

The Real POR, in Rotterdam

The Pride of Rotterdam continues her daily service from Rotterdam to Hull, and is given an annual refit at the Amsterdam or Rotterdam dry docks, along with her sister. The Pride of York/Bruges cover while she is dry docked for two weeks.