Powerboat rescuesim ss2008

The Powerboat

object type:
Name Unknown
Rank meter: Motorboat
Type Powerboat
Offered: Ship Simulator 2008, Rescue Simulator
Add-on vessel? No.

The powerboat is the fastest ship in the game, as it is small and agile, and is very good at performing tricks such as flying over ramps. The powerboat is a very easy vessel to drive, and seems to be very strong, as it doesn't sink very easily. However, it has a very high centre of gravity, and if it is launched into the air, for example when it strikes another boat, it is at risk of capsizing.

First appearance Edit

The Powerboat appeared in VStep's RescueSim, and first made its Ship Simulator Debut in Ship Simulator 2008. It also appears in Ship Simulator Extremes. The Powerboat is unmodified from its RescueSim appearance in both games.