Padstow, Cornwall
Country of residance:
United Kingdom
Type of environment Suburban fishing port
Environment Size: Small
Language spoken: Cornish or English
First Appearance: Ship Simulator 2008 New Horizons
Made by: Vstep
Environment type: Player
Map: Cornwalling map

Padstow, Cornwall is a player environment featured in Ship Simulator 2008 New Horizons



An overview of Padstow, with the town port on the right.

The Padstow, Cornwall environment is currently the only add-on environment in the game. It is based off the county, Cornwall, in the United Kingdom and mainly on its seaside town, Padstow. The environment itself mainly focuses on the Cornish coastline, but also features a small port in the town centre. The majority of the population in Padstow is based near the port. Padstow is certainly not a large cargo or cruise port. It is more of a tourist attraction. Cornwall is a highly popular environment amongst Ship Simulator players, due to its beauty. However, Cornwall has no sights to see apart from the towns port itself.

Town BarEdit

Even though a large amount of the population is based here, around the port, otherwise known as the Town Bar, it holds no berths for large tankers and therefore supplies are not easy. The largest berth at the

Padstow's port

port is only large enough for a ship such as the Wachthaven III. This is why Padstow is not a popular or ideal environment for passenger or cargo missions. The main missions based in Padstow are centred on fishing, piloting, or yachting. The port itself is on the edge of the environment boundary.

The water isn't deep enough for big ships

Hazards and cautions to vesselsEdit

Even though not the main area of the environment, the coastline is made up largely off cliffes. One must watch out for this hazard as rocks are present and can sink a ship easily. In populated areas such as Padstow's port, one must watch out for the small boats anchored just opposite. Also, around the Padstow area, beware of shallow waters.

Missions in PadstowEdit

Padstow is an unpopular environment for missions on the whole. Large ships such as the ADF Vermaas or the Pride of Rotterdam cannot berth in port. The most common missions made are yachting missions, as the beauty makes Cornwall a large tourist attraction. Other good missions for Cornwall are fishing, or tugging.

Playable missions in CornwallEdit

Please note: this list does not contain Custom Missions.

See the sightsEdit

Padstow does not have many sights to exhibit, but the few which are present are highly interesting and worth viewing.


Cassock Hill and Rock. Tourist attraction made obvious

Cassock Hill, and RockEdit

Cassock Hill is a popular tourist attraction. It is located directly opposite the Town Bar and is home to many anchord small boats, such as yatches and motorboats. Players should be careful around this area. Rock is a town farer back, behind Cassock Hill. A large amount of people live at Cassock Hill.

Rail Bridge, Cornwall Memorial and CamelEdit

The Rail Bridge, often mistaken as an actuall railway bridge, is a small bridge made of railing linking both parts of Camel together. It is

Rail Bridge and the memorial

quite low so larger vessels should take caution. The Environment ends shortly after you pass this bridge. To its right is the Cornwall Memorial.
Sights 7



Dinas is the town just North of the Town and is home to a very large amount of residents. A little north of the town is Camel and the Memorial (see above.) The residents of this town take supplies from the port.

Town Bar & PadstowEdit

The main port of Padstow is known as the town bar. It is too small for cargo tankers and provides as an excellent spot for yatching and motorboating missions. There is a yacht ramp, and a berth for a ship approximatly the size of Igor K. There are three starting spots for larger ships near the cliffes.

Farming Areas:Edit

  • Brea Hill

    St. Saviours Bay, a large farming town

  • Saint Saviour's point
  • Saint George's Cove
  • Harbour Cove
  • Hawker's Cove
  • Doom Bar
  • Daymer Bay
  • Trebetherik
  • Polzeath

Precipice areasEdit

  • Sights2

    Cliffes. Beware of sharp rocks!

    Stepper Point
  • Pentireglaze Have
  • Pentire Point
  • Hayle Bay
  • Rumps Point

Padstow BayEdit

Padstow Bay is the entrance to Padstow and the farming areas (mentioned above). It is surrounded by small islands and boats, and is a very deep area, hence why there are

The entrance to Padstow - Padstow Bay

three possible starting areas for large ships linked to it (see below.) However, as you enter Padstow, the depth will decrease quickly. It is recommended for large ships to stay out of the area.

Newland and other IslandsEdit

Sights 10


Newland is an island just beyond the Padstow Bay and near the environment boundary. Just like the other islands, it has no civilisation. It is the only island to be named on the map. It is near Rumps Bay, and has a starting area near it.

Starting PointsEdit

East of Dinas

Depth: 7.00m


44°52'55"N 38°9'1"W



Depth: 2.19m


44°53'15"N 38°9'49"W

Very Small


The river just east of Rock, near the starting area. This area is accessible by Mission editor only because it is past the boundaries

Depth: 1.70m


44°53'17"N 38°9'51"W

Very Small


Depth: 1.70m


44°53'25"N 38°9'53"W

Very Small


Depth: 2.00m


44°53'26"N 38°9'51"W

Very Small

St. George's Cove

Depth: 7.54m


44°53'59"N 38°9'49"W



Depth: 25.80m


44°56'26"N 38°10'2"W

Very Large

Pentire Point

Depth: 21.92m


44°55'56"N 38°10'12"W

Very Large

Padstow Bay

Depth: 19.29


44°55'28"N 38°10'15"W

Very Large