Northern Star
Northern star ss2008

The Northern Star

object type:
Name Northern Star
Rank meter: Cargo
Type Fishing Boat
Offered: Ship Simulator 2006 add-on, Ship Simulator 2008 add-on1, Ship Simulator New Horizons
Add-on vessel? Yes.

The Northern Star is a playable ship in Ship Simulator.

First Appearance Edit

The Northern star was offered in the Ship Simulator 2006 add-on and as a result, in all the other add-ons that follow. Northern Star seems to be the top vessel in nice ship simulator picture taking, yet she does not receive such commotion as much as the other vessels to in the game.

Ship facts Edit

The Northern Star is a fishing vessel operating in the North Atlantic and North sea. She is operated by 13 crewmen on board and stays in the sea for several weeks, before returning with a lot of swarm fish such as herring. She is a kotter model, according to Ship Simulator.