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The Luxury Yacht in ShipSim 2006

object type:
Name Unknown
Type Yacht
Offered: Ship Simulator 2006
Add-on vessel? No.

The Luxury Yacht from Ship Simulator 2006 is a fictional Mega Yacht made by VSTEP based on typical Yacht designs.


The Yacht has twin propellers and rudders, with a bow thrust unit for extra maneuvering. Unfortunately with all SS2006 Ships (apart from the workboat and the vessels from the addon pack) the visual bridge controls in the models are unactive and cannot be used, however the Mega Yacht remains a highly maneuverable and desirable ship.

Luxury Yacht in Ship Simulator 2008Edit

Despite much outcry for the Luxury Yacht to be added to Ship Simulator 2008, VSTEP have shown no plans to add the ship to the new game. However, as always, there is always a possibility that a similar or same yacht will appear in Ship Simulator 2010 as there are many requests to bring it back.