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The Latitude leaving Fawley Oil Terminal, Southampton Water

object type:
Name Latitude
Type Very Large Crude Carrier
Offered: Ship Simulator 2008
Add-on vessel? No.

The VLCC Latitude is a playable ship in Ship Simulator 2008. She is the largest ships in the game, the Latitude is an oil tanker, which can transport up to three million barrels of oil. She is one of the largest ships in the world and therefore bears the title VLCC: Very large crude carrier.

First appearance Edit

The Latitude first appeared in Ship Simulator 2008 and also appeared in Ship Simulator 2010.

Trivia Edit

Some of the VLCC Latitude pictures [1] on Ship Simulator seem to be of an entirely different ship. She has a different bridge but the same type of hull. This 'mysterious' ship is included in Vstep's Rescue simulator, and believed to be an early version of what eventually became the Latitude.

If you travel away enough from the Latitude, its distance model replaces it.

Copy (82) of Copy of admiral 2

Latitude in low LOD