Jumbo Javelin
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Jumbo Javelin on Ship Simulator 2008

object type:
Name Jumbo Javelin
Rank meter: Cargo
Type Heavy lift ship
Offered: The Shipyard, Ship Simulator Extremes
Add-on vessel? Yes and No. The Jumbo Javelin is a free download, but can only be obtained if one buys Ship Simulator 2008, then registers their key or gets it from the Shipyard, VStep's official Addon shop.

The Jumbo Javelin is an inland container ship which first appears in Ship Simulator 2008. In Ship Simulator 2008, it can be obtained by registering the game to a Ship Simulator Forums account, or it can be downloaded from The Shipyard. It is shipped with the Game in Ship Simulator Extremes. The Javelin is notably more detailed than other ships in Ship Simulator 2008 - when the doors in the wheelhouse are approached, they open automatically.

Ship Edit

Jumbo Javelin is the largest cargo ship in Jumbo Shipping. It is a heavy transportation and installation vessel. The Jumbo Javelin can lift cargo weighing up to 1800 tons with her two cranes working together. She can also install waterdepths at around 2500 meters. The vessel has a weight of 13278 tons and has two 900 ton cranes, with a 3100 m2 of deck space for cargo. The Jumbo Javelin can travel at 18 knots.

Sponsors Edit

Vstep announced that the Jumbo Javelin was sponsored by its own company, Jumbo Shipping.