Powerboat ss2008

The Hovercraft and the Jetski. The Jetski is being dwarfed by waves.

object type:
Name Hydrojet
Rank meter: Special
Type Jetski
Offered: V1.1 Patch, Ship Simulator New Horizons
Add-on vessel? Yes.

The jetski was one of the two ships offered in the V 1.1 patch along with the hovercraft Freedom 90. It is the only ship in the game to actually have a visible person behind the wheel and it can go exceptionally fast but is easy to capsize. The Jetski is actually blue, but on the "features" page on [] it is shown yellow.

First appearance Edit

The Jetski's first appearance was when the V1.1 patch was launched. It was also included in Ship Simulator 2008 New Horizons and as a result in Ship Simulator 2008 Collectors edition

Playable ship facts Edit

The Jetski is the smallest ship in the game (not counting the ducky), it is very agile and responds very well to the control input and can travel at high speed, which results in it being rather difficult to control at those high speeds. Surprisingly, the man behind the wheel does not fall off, when it happens to flip over in a sharp fast turn.