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The 3 Variations of Inland Cargoships, the vessel on the right being the playable ship

object type:
Name Unknown
Type Cargo ship
Offered: Ship Simulator 2006
Add-on vessel? No.

The Inland Container Ship is a typical Dutch Inland Cargoship. In Ship Simulator 2006 she was a playable vessel, but as with the Container Ship, only as an AI ship Ship Simulator 2008. In SS2006 and 2008 there are many variations of Inland Cargo. The main playable Inland Cargoship in SS2006 is a small bulk carrier for carrying materials such as sand, or iron ore, however other AI Inland Bulkers are Oil and Chemical tankers instead (see Picture)


The Vessel is powered by 1 propeller (oddly the ship doesn't turn port/starboard under acceleration which is normally the case with single prop vessels) and rudder, with a seemingly powerful thruster at the bow.