Harbour Patrol Boat
Harbour patrol
ship type:
Patrol Boat
Full name: P6
Port of Registery: Port of Rotterdam.
Operating Company: Vstep
Vessel class: Active
Appearances: Ship Simulator 2006

The Harbour Patrol was a small SS2006 vessel. She is quite similar to the P - Series patrol boat of the Dutch police (See Picture Page Bottom). In Ship Simulator 2008, the P6 Police Boat made an appearance using the same hull and superstructure. In Ship Simulator 2006 however, she was painted in the colours of the Rotterdam Port Authorities. She is the first vessel which new players use to learn the basics of Ship Simulator.


The Vessel is powered in very much the same way as the almost identical P5/P6 (Pictured)that appeared in SS2008. The ship has two propellers and two rudders, and 1 Tunnel Bow Thruster for maneuvering.


  • [[Patch 1.8|
    Coast guard

    The Coast Guard colours

    Patch 1.8]] for Ship Simulator 2006 added a new environment - New York Harbour. Using the Scenario Editor, the Harbour Patrol Boat can turn into an American Coastal Guard boat (without the emblem.)
  • A player can also change the looks of the Harbour Patrol boat.
  • The boat is based largly on the P- series. See the picture.
    P5 Police Boat

    The Police boat in which this vessel is based on

  • See this article for more information about the SS08 version