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The Furie (Right) alongside the Bugsier 2 Modern Tug

object type:
Name Furie
Rank meter: Tug
Type Steam shp Ocean Going motortugboat
Offered: The Shipyard, Elbe and Furie edition
Add-on vessel? Yes.

The Steam Ship Furie is a ocean going tug now moored as a Museum Ship in Maassluis, near Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It is the oldest functioning Steam Ship in the Netherlands and is being mantained by the Stichtings Hollands Glorie foundation. She is still capable of moving under own power and makes occasional trips down the Nieuw Waterweg in Rotterdam. The ship was built in 1916 and made famous by the 70s Dutch TV show "Hollands Glorie" (Dutch Glory).

In GameEdit

The ship is controlled via a classic Telemotor from the Wheelhouse. It was the first ship in the Shipyard, and 50% of proceeds made from purchasing the Furie from the Shipyard go towards maintaining the real vessel. She has a top speed of around 8kn depending on weather conditions and has 1 left handed propellor. Counter steering to Starboard is required to keep her in a straight line while accelarating.

Furie 19

The SS Furie in Maassluis, September 2008