Becoming and administrator unlocks you many powers - banning users, deleting pages, protecting pages and managing site preferences. Therefore, only the most trusted members are to become site administrators.

Becoming an administrator Edit

  • You must have submitted at least 15 pages of good articles to the wikia.
  • You must (hopefully) know the controls and know about administration
  • You must be a ship simulator fan
  • You must be at least 12 years of age
  • You must remember that even if you have all the qualities above, the head administrator doesn't have to make you into an administrator
  • The head administrator can make exceptions, for the terms above, also.

If you feel that you have the qualities above, or don't have the qualities above, please post your application below, without editing this batch of writing.

Applications here: Edit

Name: Devin Rodrigues

Contributes: M/Y Esperanza, SS10, And others


Ship Simulator Games: SS06+Add'ons and SS08+Add'ons

Adminitrator Knowledge: Admin of 3 differant forums

Dost Require Training!